Boiler Service Plans

Boiler Service and Maintenance Plans in Horsham and Billingshurst.

Offering boiler cover via a service or maintenance plan in Horsham and Billingshurst.

If you're looking for a Gas Safe registered engineer to look after your boiler, then you're in the right place. We offer boiler service and maintenance plans across Horsham and Billingshurst from as little as £8.33 a month. If you've ever experienced a boiler breakdown or any other heating system fault or problem, then you'll understand how important it is to have a trustworthy and experienced breakdown engineer at hand to come and rescue you 24/7. If you would like to use us to look after you and your heating system then it's simple and easy to get set up on one of our plans, just get in touch and we will complete a site survey and get you up and running on a plan as quickly as possible. It's quick to set up a direct debit via a link that we send you. 

At Custom Heating & Cooling, we have a range of plans, from Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, to meet the varying needs of you and your home. 

Subscribe to the plan that best suits you. 

Bronze (Landlord Safety Check)

£8.33 / month

or £100 yearly

Gas Safety Check to 26.9 Included

Access to Digital Certificates

Silver (Emergency Call Out)

£20.83 / month

or £250 yearly

Annual Boiler Full Service Included

Gas Safety Check to 26.9 Included

Emergency Callout Charge Included

24 Hour Emergency Contact Number

Unlimited Callouts

Breakdown Labour Included

Access to Digital Certificates

Replacement Parts are not Included

Gold (Maintenance with Excess)

£25 / month

or £300 yearly

Annual Boiler Full Service Included

Gas Safety Check to 26.9 Included

Emergency Callout Charge Included

24 Hour Emergency Contact Number

Unlimited Callouts

Breakdown Labour Included

Access to Digital Certificates

Replacement Parts after £50 Excess

Platinum (Maintenance with Parts)

£33.33 / month

or £400 yearly

Annual Boiler Full Service Included

Gas Safety Check to 26.9 Included

Emergency Callout Charge Included

24 Hour Emergency Contact Number

Unlimited Callouts

Breakdown Labour Included

Access to Digital Certificates

Replacement Parts Included

25% discount on Labour regarding Boiler Replacement. 

50% discount on power-flushing

The property must be in West Sussex and be within Horsham, Southwater, Broadbridge Heath or Billingshurst.

Boiler Service and Maintenance Plans in Horsham

If you believe your boiler has experienced a breakdown or other heating related problems, but still want to take out a service or maintenance plan, then that's totally fine, we will just need to attend site to make a site survey along with the breakdown diagnostic, if we can repair your boiler and get you up to standard then you will be able to come straight onto the plan of your choice, we will then set you up with a monthly direct debit, you can then rest assured that we are here to help if needed.

Contact us for Boiler Service and Maintenance Plans

As you can see, we can help with your boiler service and maintenance needs across Horsham and Billingshurst. If you're ready to get in touch with us regarding our service plan, please send us a message via the contact form

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Custom Heating & Cooling

Maintenance Contract

Terms & Conditions

1. Scope of Contract

1.1. Custom Heating & Cooling will provide the level of cover described below subject to an

initial chargeable service & safety inspection. This service & safety inspection will be offered at £100, which if passes will be deducted from the plan total, This is subject to the contract being taken out within 7 days of the service. This service will be classed as your first year service within the plan.

1.2. This contract is strictly a service and or maintenance contract and is not an insurance policy. Custom Heating & Cooling is therefore not regulated by the FCA.

1.3. Custom Heating & Cooling will cover private domestic heating installations up to 45kw

that use natural gas.

2. Components of the System

2.1. The components of the heating system covered are as follows; boiler and all boiler internals,

heating circulation pump and pump valves, thermostatic radiator valves, standard radiator valves, system timer/programmer, standard room thermostats, external cylinder thermostats, heating pressure controls including prv and filling loop, expansion vessels, control & zone valves, standard radiators and heating pipework. 

2.2. The components of your heating system that are not covered are as follows; system inhibitor levels and concentration, system water condition, boiler flue after 500mm, boiler condensate pipework after 500mm, hot water storage cylinder (including open vent & unvented and associated controls), immersion heaters or immersion thermostats, smart thermostats, thermal stores or buffer tanks, cold water storage tanks and valves, shower pumps, condensate lift pumps, any designer radiators or towel rails. secondary return pumps, system filters, system deareators, fuse spurs or electrical switches. all gas supply pipes and valves, all mains cold water pipes and valves, all domestic waste pipes, all domestic cold water pipes and valves and all domestic hot water pipes and valves. 

No taps or sanitary ware are covered under this agreement. 

3. Priority Attention

3.1. Custom Heating & Cooling will endeavour to attend all breakdowns reported Mon-Fri

before 8pm within 24 hours.

3.2. In the event of a breakdown being reported either Sat/Sun, Bank Holidays or after 8pm,

Custom Heating & Cooling will endeavour to attend the property within 48 hours.

3.3. This is subject to workload and labour availability.

4. Annual Service

4.1. An annual full service is included as part of your bronze, silver, gold or platinum maintenance contract.

A Gas safety check to gas regulation 26.9 is completed on all plans. 

One of our Gas Safe Registered engineers will perform the service and/or safety check in line with manufacturers instructions.

4.2. This service/safety check will include a minimum of; FGA using a calibrated analyser,

check of the appliance inlet and/or meter working gas pressure, clean the condensate trap if required, clean the system filter (if fitted), clean inside of the boiler case, gas rate appliance if required, test of safety devices and all safety checks in line with Gas Safe guidelines.

4.3. The engineer will also inspect the radiators, hot water cylinder and other components for

leaks and defects.

4.4. A gas tightness test will be performed in certain circumstances to ensure the property is

free from gas leaks

4.5. The annual service will be arranged at a time and date convenient to you and in the month

of your contract renewal. Unless otherwise arranged with contract holder beforehand

4.6. The annual service will be carried out Mon-Fri between 9-5 unless otherwise agreed by

Custom Heating & Cooling.

5. Breakdowns

5.1. No charges will be made in respect to labour in the event of a breakdown with the silver, gold and platinum plans.

5.2. Call outs are unlimited, subject to fair use and adequate severity for customers on the silver, gold or platinum plan, call outs are not covered on the bronze plan (service only) 

5.3. Parts will not be covered and will be chargeable in full for customers on the Bronze and Silver Plan

5.4. No charges will be made in respect to parts for customers on the Platinum Plan.

5.5. Customers on the Gold Plan will be subject to a £50 excess charge per breakdown, parts will be covered after payment of excess. 

5.6. The maximum breakdown parts cost covered for any new customers within the first 3 months of contract is £250. Beyond this the customer will have to pay the difference.

5.7. Boiler replacement discount- Customers on the Platinum Plan are entitled to 25% discount on Custom Heating & Cooling Labour cost if Custom Heating & Cooling are unable to repair the boiler.

Customers on the Bronze, Silver or Gold Plans do not get boiler replacement discount. Platinum plans are subject to the terms below.

5.7.1. Boilers that are less than 10 years old and cannot be repaired economically (under 50% of the boilers value) will be offered a 25% discount on Labour cost on a like for like basis. 

5.7.2. Boilers that are between 10-30 years old and cannot be repaired economically (under 50% of the boilers value) will be replaced at a cost chargeable in full to the customer. However a goodwill discount of £200 will be deducted from

the replacement cost when installed by Custom Heating & Cooling.

5.7.3. Replacement boilers will not be offered discount within the first 6 months of the contract for new customers. 

5.7.4. Replacement boilers will not be offered discount if parts are obsolete for your make and model and we have informed you of this in writing over 6 months prior. 

5.7.5 Value of the boiler covered by the plan will be decided by Custom Heating & Cooling. 

6. Breakdowns not covered

6.1. Any breakdown that is caused by sludge, scale or system deposits will not be covered -

this will be confirmed by an independant water quality test if required (chargeable to

customer if it fails)

6.2. Underfloor heating systems are not covered (unless they have been installed by Custom Heating & Cooling)

6.3. Any breakdown that is a result of a problem with the water mains, electrical grid or gas

main/meter. Including having no credit on a gas meter.

6.4. Pre-existing faults and defects in the design or installation of the system.

6.5. Seperate gas heaters, LPG,electric or oil boilers.

6.6. Condensate lift pumps or freezing of condensate pipes that are not of adequate size as per


6.7. Any breakdowns caused by blocked drains backing up into boiler.

6.8. Replacement of cosmetic parts such as boiler casings and covers

6.9. Faults caused due to the fabric of the building, for example pipes in walls bursting due to


6.10. Any defects caused due to malicious actions, misuse or third party interference.

6.11. Any defect caused by; fire, flood, lightning, explosion, storm, frost, terrorism, impact of

any other extraneous cause.

7. Breaking of Appointments

7.1. Customers that have arranged a breakdown callout or annual service are given a 3 hour

slot, if the engineer attends and the customer is not available a rebooking amount of £50

is charged to re-attend.

7.2. Customers must give 24 hours notice to change an appointment date/time.

8. Use of Subcontractors

8.1. Custom Heating & Cooling reserve the right to use subcontractors to carry out any

breakdowns or annual services. All subcontractors will be Gas Safe registered and vetted

by us for suitability

9. Provision of Spare Parts

9.1. Custom Heating & Cooling will endeavour to obtain parts as soon as possible. However

in some circumstances parts may not be available next day.

9.2. Custom Heating & Cooling will not be held responsible for delays in the provision of parts

from suppliers or delivery firms

9.3. All parts fitted will be of the highest quality, no sub standard parts will be fitted

10. Period, Renewal and Payment of Contract

10.1. This contract is valid for a period of 1 year (12 months) from the date on which the

contract is signed

10.2. The contract will be automatically renewed year on year unless instructed by the customer

to cancel. The customer must give notice no later than 14 days before the renewal date

10.3. Advance notice of renewal will be sent before the renewal date via email or post

10.4. Custom Heating & Cooling reserves the right to cancel the renewal of any contract

without giving a reason.

10.5. Payment for the contract can be made in full in advance or via monthly Direct Debit

10.6. In the event of non payment of the DD cover will be suspended until the account is

brought up to date.

10.7. A late payment fee of £10 is charged if a customer missed 2 consecutive months


10.8. The contract is cancelled in the customer misses 3 consecutive payments without

contacting Custom Heating & Cooling Services.

11. Change of Ownership

11.1. If the ownership of the property in which the central heating system changes, the new

homeowner will benefit from the cover for as long as the old owner has paid for. The

contract will not be automatically renewed.

11.2. The new homeowner can take over the cover mid way through the contract as long as both

parties agree and the DD is changed

12. Termination of Contract

12.1. Custom Heating & Cooling reserves the right to cancel any policy at any time if a

customer is found to have broken any terms in these conditions.

12.2. Customers who terminate the contract mid way through will not be entitled to any refund,

partial or in full.

12.3. Customers who wish to terminate the contract must give 30 days notice.

12.4. Custom Heating & Cooling reserve the right to cancel the contract on request or delay

cancellation for the 30 days notice period.

12.5. Payment is required during the notice period and cover will still be offered until the

cancellation date.

13. Certificates

13.1. All certificates will be held electronically by Custom Heating & Cooling 

13.2. Customers can request copies of any certificate at any time via email without charge.

13.3. Customers can request a hard copy of any certificate subject to a printing and postage

charge of £5.

13.4. Gas Safety certificates required by landlords are free at the time of annual service for customers who are on Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum plan. 

14. Cooling off Period

14.1. Customers are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of signing the contract. Any

breakdowns within this cooling off period will be charged at the full amount in the event

of cancellation.

Emergency Breakdown Contact Number

‪will be issued.

15. Location 

15.1 the location of the property covered by the plan must be in West Sussex and within either Horsham, Southwater, Broadbridge Heath or Billingshurst.

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