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Air conditioning 2.6kW split system, summer offer £1150

It’s Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot.

Beat the heat with an air conditioning mini split system.

Supplied with installation in and around Horsham District from £1150 with no VAT to pay.

Standard Installation offer of a single split unit, Up to 2.6kW.

Various makes and models available.

Perfect for the home or garden office.

Back to Back Installations only with this offer, no higher than ground floor with access via ladders.

Outside unit to be installed at low level.

All walls must be suitable

to support the weight

of both units. (If not then a concrete base or composite anti vibration pad will need to be in place beforehand)

customer needs to ensure that there is an available 13a electrical plug socket within 1.5m of the internal unit.

Alternative options available

F-Gas commissioning only service for single split units installed by a competent 3rd party from £250


Installation labour only option available. (All parts, materials, AC units, cable, pipe, fixings and fittings are to be supplied by customer)

Price Guideline for the Labour only of a Standard Installation of a wall mounted back to back single split AC system up to 4.1kW from £600

(parts only warranty minimum 3 years, maximum 10 years subject to manufactures terms)

Onsite Warranties available from £125 per year.

What is included in a labour only standard installation?

This is where the evaporator (indoor unit) is mounted on the inside of the external wall where the condenser (outdoor unit) is to be located & bolted directly to a set of floor skis or wall brackets (to be supplied by customer)

Condenser location is on the ground floor, easily accessible and any walls are capable of supporting the weight of the equipment. (If not then a concrete base or composite anti vibration pad will need to be in place beforehand)

Interconnecting pipe work is less than 4m & condensate line is gravity fed. (additional pipe work labour charges from £40 per metre)

For systems between 4.2kW 6.9kW add £150

7kW and above add £300

First floor installations from an additional £200 depending on unit size

(1.5m from ground or more than 1.5m difference from indoor to outdoor unit)

For units up to 4.1kW the customer needs to ensure there is a 13a electrical plug socket within 1.5m of the internal or external system depending on the make of unit (type C or D breakers will be required).

For larger systems a dedicated supply may be required. 

Installations not as described above will incure additional charges, contact us for our schedule of rates.

Configuration of any WiFi options available on your AC units are not included in our installation, this must be completed by your IT experts.

Please note the above is an installation price guide only and not a quotation.

Installations inside the M25 and remote locations can be considerably more.

Covering Horsham District

Horsham, Southwater, Broadbridge Heath, Slinfold, Billingshurst, Steyning, Storrington, Ashington, Rudgwick, Cowfold, Pulborough, Warnham, Henfield, Bramber, Upper Beeding, Partridge Green, Rusper & Faygate.